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Cofee Table
End and Corner Table

The Queen Anne Living Room Tables
A drop-leaf coffee table, end table and corner table in the classic Queen Anne style


Using an EXTREMELY SHARP bench chisel, carefully shave the pins cross-grain, just to the cutting line while all the pieces are still taped together (See Fig. 18). Verify the fit of the pins to the sockets in the Front piece by checking them at both sides of your stack.

 Fig. 18. Shave all the pins in the stack just to the line.

When you're confident that the fit is perfect, untape your stack of Side Pieces. Trial assemble the Sides in their proper positions and make any adjustments to their fit, if necessary.

Drilling the dowel holes in the Tails
Using the same Horizontal Boring set-up that you used to drill the sockets in the Drawer Fronts, dry assemble the Drawer Fronts and Sides then drill 1/4" diameter dowel holes through the exact centers of the Tails and into the Drawer Fronts (See Fig. 19). Number each assembled Drawer joint so you'll know which pieces join together during the final assembly process.

Using a 1/2" wide Dado set-up on the Table Saw, cut the vertical back Dado in each Drawer Side. Then use a 1/4" wide Dado set-up to saw the bottom grooves in each Drawer Side. Do not glue-up the Drawers yet.

 Fig. 19. Drill the 1/4" dowel holes in the Drawer assembly.


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