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Cofee Table
End and Corner Table

The Queen Anne Living Room Tables
A drop-leaf coffee table, end table and corner table in the classic Queen Anne style


Loosen your bar clamp, rotate the Leg a quarter-turn and re-secure the clamp. Chamfer all four corners of each Leg in a similar fashion.

Sculpt the Legs and Feet until they are close to their desired (and hopefully, identical) contours by filing each corner around the Legs to their marked centerlines. Additional rounding will be necessary. Be sure to leave some material for later removal by sanding. Take your time! (See Fig. 12.)

 Fig. 12. Additional corner rounding will be required.

Sanding the Legs
Mount a pneumatic, contour sander in your Lathe and use it to bring the Legs to their final profile. Start with a coarse sleeve, then move to progressively finer sleeves, removing all filing and sanding marks as you bring the Legs and Feet to their final shapes. Remember to always sand with the grain whenever possible. (See Fig. 13.)

 Fig. 13. Use a Contour Sanding Drum to finish sand the Legs.

Use a small block plane to smooth the Leg Posts. It must be VERY SHARP, because you'll be planing nearly across-grain and a dull plane iron will surely tear the wood. (See Fig. 14.)

 Fig. 14. Use a Block Plane tom smooth the Leg Posts

Making the Table Skirts
Start by marking-out a trial tenon on an identically-sized piece of scrap. Using this scrap piece, set-up your Table Saw and make the cuts with a Tenoning Jig.

As an alternative, you could also use your Rip Fence as a stop to position the shoulder of the Tenon and your Miter Gauge to guide your stock past the blade as you make your cuts.

Next, fit your tenons into their respective mortises, using a sharp bench chisel. Use your Disc Sander to chamfer the tenon ends slightly to allow for glue and make them easier to insert into their mating mortises.

Once you're confident that the joinery fits properly, trace a line on the tops of the Transition Blocks along the side. Round the top of the Transition Blocks to meet the line marking the bottoms of the Skirt edges.


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